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Michigan LEAN Consortium, Caitlyn and Linda

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WNZK Radio Show

Missing, Lost, and Trafficked Investigative Journalist Pebbles

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Tommy Norman's Testimonial for Janette

Communication Strategist and Conflict Resolution Coach Joyce Weiss

Financial advisor Holly W. Duthie

Tisha Hammond

The Small Business Cheerleader

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Communication Strategist and Conflict Resolution Coach Joyce Weiss

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Tommy Norman

Motivational Speaker

Tommy Norman

Single or Double Chin Grab?

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Barbara Norman, for your testimonial for Accurate Body Language

Andre Baraka says of Janette Ghedotte’s analysis of Tom Brady’s hot-spot body language

Testimonial from Janette's

ABL Session

Donna Baron, the owner of Pets are Inn

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"She Gonna Kick Yo' A$$!!"

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"She Gonna Kick Yo' A$$!!"

Dorothy Haner's Testimonial of Janette Ghedotte

Mary Ann attended Janette Ghedotte's Accurate Body Language presentation

Accurate Body Language Testimonial from Nathan

Bruce & Chrysal said Janette Ghedotte's Accurate Body Language presentation

Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D. gives Janette Ghedotte her highest recommendation

Melva and Jesse LOVED our Webinar Journey

ABL Testimonial from Joyce Weiss

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Darnell gave Accurate Body Language an excellent testimonial

ABL Testimonial - Dominique

Photographer Bill Chapman for your kind words and testimonial for Janette Ghedotte

Clients are impressed with Janette's expertise!

Understanding Body language is Important in Our Personal & Professional Interactions

Janette was guest speaker on BigVu's Workshop series of Live Video Streams.

She showed a thorough understanding of body language and its consequences.

She explained how correctly reading body language can impact on our relationships with others, whether this be in a personal meeting or more specifically in the case of the Workshop discussion by remote video.

It also became evident how understanding others bodily language can help us notice and adapt our own body language (or reaction) to different situations.

Janette selflessly shared her knowledge with our audience and was highly appreciated.

Janette is the BEST Truth & Deception Detection Expert in America!

Janette is by far one of the most sought after professionals in the world when it comes to understanding humanity through non-verbal communication.

She is the BEST Truth & Deception Detection Expert in America!

Janette's Powers of Observation are Extraordinary!

She can spot a lie, the truth and plenty in-between that space.

Janette Ghedotte delivers deception-detecting and analysis in a fun, entertaining and thought-provoking way that’s helpful for speakers, law enforcement, educators, business owners, families and individuals looking to master their 1st language - body language.

You don’t know what keys and signs you’ve been missing...but Janette can help you spot the lies from the toes to the nose & the feet to the head.

Tisha HammondThe Small Business Cheerleader, Bestselling Author of Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs: Your Season to Grow & YouTuber

Observing Body Language is a Tremendous Tool ... to Correctly Interpret Interactions with Others

What a dynamic zoom meeting we had today, Janette!

Your expertise in spoken/unspoken language and in observing body language is a tremendous tool for anyone who wants to correctly interpret interactions with others.

I cannot overstate your intuitive and learned understanding of human behavior.

I look forward to learning more from you, and from working with you in the near future!

Janette's Powers of Observation are Extraordinary!

Janette Ghedotte is a consummate professional in her field. Her powers of observation are extraordinary.

I've always been curious about Truth & Deception detection and it's methodology and Janette is a veritable Fountain of knowledge.

It's quite a privilege to see her work.

When you need to know the Truth, Janette Ghedotte can verify it for you.

Kenneth Bryant Voice Over Artist,

"Give Your Project a Voice!"

Writer at Voquent, Public Speaking Coach

Janette Nailed It!  Valuable Training!

Janette, thank you SO much for this valuable training!

So many times we have conversations and think that a client is going to do one thing and do the complete opposite!!

YOU nailed it today to having us learn the body language and not focus on what they say, but what they do!

Teaching us to look at body language that we don't expect to mean something, something... :)

You have to reach out to learn what that means!

Do you understand the body movement, lip & eye movements, the repetitive conversations, etc!

If not PLEASE reach out to learn how you can connect better with the clients that want to work with you and let the others go!

Wow you are so amazing in your knowledge and look forward to learning more!

Linda McBee, President

L & M Consultation Services 

Janette has unrelenting JOY!

It's rare that you can find a person with such unrelenting joy for their work.

ALL of the participants of that event contacted me individually afterward to thank me for scheduling her.

Janette's in-person presentation was humorous, engaging, and had immediate takeaways.  

I highly recommend Janette as a corporate trainer and presenter.

Nathan Pienta, Marketing Manager, Automatic Handling International, Inc.

I'm so impressed with Janette's expertise!

Janette’s Accurate Body Language presentation to Health Management Systems of America was FABULOUS!

My group of people gained so much knowledge from Janette’s presentation. 

I’m so impressed with Janette’s expertise of nonverbal communication. The audience and I learned a lot and gained body language insights that I can continue to use professionally and in everyday life!  

Thank you Janette! 

Colleen Bertani

LMSW CAADC Psychotherapist

I now have skills for detecting the lies from the truth.

Thanks to Janette, I have now added to my skills for detecting the genuine truth that may be hidden behind misleading or intentionally dishonest [verbal] responses on the part of others, and learned many insightful cues to be conscious of in pursuit of more successful business interactions.

Any serious business person would be wise to attend at least one of Janette’s “Get to the Truth” workshops and to seek her advice and/or coaching in this increasingly important approach to decreasing personal risk while maximizing ultimate success in virtually any human endeavor.

Antony Martin Wealth Management Systems Trainer at AXIOM Learning Solutions, LLC

Janette's talented and an outstanding expert in Accurate Body Language! 

I witnessed quite a talented and outstanding expert in Body Language after attending Janette Ghedotte's

"5 Step Process to Get to the Truth Workshop."

Janette shared deep strategies on how to negotiate better and read people when they are communicating to you

(e.g., are they lying, feeling uncomfortable, pretending)?

Janette taught us how Body Language does not lie even though people try to convince us otherwise.

I strongly suggest that you review Janette's experience if you are looking for a fascinating topic and expert in Body Language! 

Joyce (Morris) Weiss, M.A., CSP

Communication Strategist and Coach

Janette's presentation was incredibly informative and engaging!

Janette was a breath of fresh air for the MACP Chamber Convention this year.

She was high energy, interactive and fun to engage. I would strongly recommend her for a morning session or closing session to start or end your event.

Your attendees will not be disappointed.

Bob Thomas, IOM, CAE, CMP Chief Operations Officer at Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Janette's thoroughly enjoyable and informative!

I have taken Janette's course on reading body language.

Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

This is a course that can be used by professionals in the interviewing or investigative business or by anyone joining in relationships built on trust and accountability.

Easy to understand and apply.

Marsha Adams, Owner / Counselor

Instructor Peace of Mind Productions.

Very Detailed!

Janette is so passionate about her work. 

She enjoys teaching her skills to others so they can utilize Body Language as a second language.

Her vast knowledge in the subject is overwhelming.

Every conversation is full of information and inspiring. She is a class act. 

Donna Baron, Owner

Pets are Inn - Plano, Texas

Earlier this year, I met Janette Ghedotte.

She referred me to her professional photographer Robin Gamble of Robin Gamble Photography LLC. Janette came to my branding photoshoot and coached me on poses that fully communicate the message of my company brand.

Since that time, I have participated in two of her body language webinars. The information that she has presented in her webinars have supported my understanding of decoding body language.

Janette shares her body language knowledge as an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine, too.

She is skilled in creating content that can be used by companies and individuals to avoid costly mistakes

Robin M. Wilson

Robin Wilson Educational Consulting LLC,

Founder and CEO

Janette's full of energy and the audience was super engaged!

Janette was a presenter for our Nawbo Greater Detroit Chapter, she did a wonderful presentation.

She was full of energy, and the audience was super engaged. Her Accurate Body Language presentation will be talked about for awhile.

If you get the opportunity to attend one of her sessions, I recommend that you do!

Marcy Bell

President at Bell's Landscape Services, Inc

Janette's the BEST presenter for the entire conference! 

I heard Janette give a presentation on Body Language. 

Not only was it informative, but it also was entertaining. 

By far, Janette was the best presenter for the entire conference.

Martha Zehnder Kaczynski,

CMP Vice President

4th Generation Owner at Bavarian Inn Lodge

Janette provided interesting insight into the subtle cues behind body language.

Janette's presentation on body language was excellent and very well received.

She provided practical tips and interesting insight into the subtle cues behind body language and facial expressions.

I appreciate the level of detail she gave to the presentation, as I know I will be able to use the information she presented.

Holly Hengstebeck,

FPA Recognized leader w/ demonstrated ability to effectively manage teams,

meet large-scale deliverables, improve operations

Janette delivered an exciting interactive experience for our participants!

Janette was the featured speaker for Michigan Shifting Gears in Ann Arbor.

Her talk on Body Language was high energy and informative. She is has a real passion for her work and delivered an exciting interactive experience for our participants. 

John Newman

Community Manager, Facilitator and Talent Builder

Accurate Body Language is valuable to understand others.

I've had the good fortune to attend two of Janette's Accurate Body Language seminars.

I left each session better skilled at understanding what people (as well as myself) subconsciously communicate through body language and better able to recognize their message in their communication.

The benefit is, obviously, two fold.

Not only is it valuable to use those skills to truly understand others, but it is also valuable to have those skills to present yourself in just the way you wish to be perceived.

Kara Mannino Owner of Re:view

Janette's presentation was incredibly informative and engaging!

I had the pleasure of attending an Annual Diversity Conference where Janette was an Accurate Body Language speaker. 

Janette's live and interactive presentation was incredibly informative and engaging.  She has an awesome way of engaging the audience and teaching us at the same time. 

I learned a lot about body language and the relationships between various cultures!

I am excited about attending Janette's next speaking engagement! 

Gwendolyn Davis-Yancey, J.D., CPC,

CEO & Founder of Mindshift Consortium, LLC

Encore Worthy!

AMAZING presentation (as always), Janette!

Keep up the greatness that you share! Extremely Valuable Information.

ENCORE worthy!

L3-Look Listen Learn... and Pay Attention!

Cymantha White, B.S., M.S.,

Pr.Th. Educator, Publisher, Communication Specialist Kalamazoo, Michigan Area  

Bravo, Janette!

Bravo Janette Ghedotte, MS, MA LLP!

Your body language presentation was powerful as I feel we all left feeling like experts.

Thank you for making it interesting and fun!

Colette Hughes Broker

Owner at Virtual Real Estate Services, LLC

Janette's presentation was one of the best investments I've made.

I had a fantastic time learning from Janette Ghedotte, Founder and CEO of Accurate Body Language tonight!!! 

This was one of the best investments I have made regarding my professional development. 

Janette's delivery and training methods kept our group and myself engaged the entire time.

We were so engaged, time just flew by. 

Did you know that we only use 7-10% of our verbal communication?

If not, Janette Ghedotte's expertise in body languages can assist and help you gain that untapped skill of reading people's body languages. 

I will never look at people the same from this day forward. I will definitely recommend Janette!!! 

Shyra Hajarie Staffing & Recruiting Specialist at DTE Energy

Janette's informative, interactive, and engaging!

As Comerica Bank's Corporate Liason for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Greater Detroit Chapter, we invited Janette to speak at NAWBO's Circle of Learning Event that Comerica Bank hosted.

Janette's presentation on body language was so informative, interactive, and engaging.

She clearly is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend her to help gain insight on what people are really thinking but aren't saying.

Enjoyed every minute of her presentation! 

Coleen Bates

Charismatic Team Builder

Client Centricity / Results Driven

Janette fills the room with positive energy!

Janette fills the room with her positive energy and is one of the most optimistic people I know.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate my dance and health business with Janette's Accurate Body Language business.

Understanding body language is a skill that I believe everyone needs in order to be successful in their career, relationships and life!

I have all the confidence in the world in Janette.I strongly recommend her to help enhance your body language reading skills to have more confidence and better communicative skills that will give you that edge in your career!

Give Janette a call today for more information!

Trish (Stuckey) Shaw Co-Owner and Director of Dance at Just Danze

Janette's an excellent presenter, speaker, and trainer! 

She is very thorough, well-spoken and captivating.

She recently presented a session on Accurate Body Language with detecting deception at the 21st Annual Recipient Rights Conference held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Her presentation was received well and given high positive feedback from the attendees. This presentation was given in order for the attendees to be able to understand the importance of sharpening our body language, deception detection, and statement analysis skills.

These essential skills are utilized by the Recipient Rights Offices across the state of Michigan to ensure outstanding leaders in the investigation and protecting the rights of all those we serve with mental health services.

I believe that she will be a great asset to any agency that utilizes her services. In addition, I would recommend her without reservation.

Mia (Maria) Kulick

Legal & Regulatory Compliance Leader & Consultant - Information Technology, Healthcare

Janette's very enthusiastic!

Janette spoke on "Substance Abuse Drugs Effect on Brain and Body" for employees at my worksite.

This is the second time I've heard her lecture on body language.

She is very enthusiastic and used multiple tools to engage the audience including props, videos and audience participation to educate on the impact of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body, including how to recognize the body language of addiction in loved ones.

Erika Hedalen

Patient Services Manager at Quest Diagnostics

Janette's enthusiasm and passion shine through in everything she does!

My experience in working with her has been nothing short of "awesome!"

Her enthusiasm and passion for people and life, in general, shines through in everything she does!

Accurate Body Language has so helped me personally and professionally, I know she will help many others too!

I know joining forces with her will benefit you greatly!

I would highly recommend her "very informative classes" structured to fit your needs on this topic and watch your own self-awareness and your business grow! 

Leslie Dietle-Olivarez

Rodan+Fields Dermatologists-Independent

Executive Consultant-Looking for business partners/consultants in US & Canada

If you look up 'enthusiasm' in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Janette!

Janette is both passionate and intelligent in all her endeavors, and she easily combines this with a genuine spirit of wanting to help and support those she meets.

Simply put she has a great brain and a better heart! :) I would not hesitate to recommend her services to my own family and patient's, and am grateful to have been able to collaborate with Janette in the past.

Thank you Janette! 

Patrick Jary Doctor/Owner at The Sanctuary Chiropractic & Wellness Spa

I recommend Janette to anyone looking to boost their confidence or to get the body language "edge." 

Janette radiated professionalism and attention to detail, from "set design" to camera angles, to interview questions.

Her interviewing style put me at ease immediately--no small feat, when I knew I was being interviewed by a body language expert!

Janette is committed to helping everyone present themselves in the best possible manner, to empower them to get the most out of life.

It is my pleasure to recommend her to anyone looking to boost their confidence or to get the body language "edge" in business and in life.

Linda Aldrich

Rodan+Fields Dermatologists

Independent Executive Consultant

What an amazingly powerful presentation!

Janette brings excitement, energy, a passion for her work, and an infectious Can-Do attitude.

I left the meeting very excited about our new partnership. In the days following her presentation on The Power of Accurate Body Language I have found myself reading the body language of people on TV, my family, friends, and employee's that I have encountered.

What an Amazingly Powerful presentation!

I would recommend Janette to anyone looking to gain an edge on reading your clients, staff, family, and friends!!!

Jason Tracey Speaker-Coach-Business Consultant

Janette understands the underlying persona and motives.

Janette's energetic, focused and insightful! 

She has great insight and understanding of body language.

It's amazing how well Janette can understand a person's real/underlying persona and motives from reading/understanding that person's body language.

I would highly recommend Janette if you have a need for insight into an individual's true self through accurately understanding their body language.

Michael Tannenbaum, D.C.

Owner, Tannenbaum Chiropractic

Body Language is an AMAZING Scientific Study!

I'm so grateful for the tips that Janette gave us!

Can't wait to do some observations! 😊

 Melissa Kadrmas, Thrivent Financial Associate Helping Families and Business Owners Create Their Legacy

It was AWESOME Connecting with Janette!

It 's so amazing the things you can learn from each other. 

Janette helped us learn body language! 

You never know why people were put in your lives!

Cheryl Blakeney, Financial Professional

Elevated Wealth Group

Helping families change their lives through financial education

What an amazingly powerful presentation!

Janette is a dynamic individual.

She is intelligent, well spoken, knowledgeable in many different fields/areas of study and practical applications thereof.

Janette's background in Psychology and taught me how to read people's emotions, facial expressions, and body language to increase my sales and income. 93% of communication is non-spoken and that is her area of expertise.

I would highly recommend Janette in her most recent endeavor of teaching others how to read body language.

If you are looking for a coach to guide you to success I would highly recommend Janette.

Ron Ward

Jaxx Home Improvement

Great, FUN Event!

Central theme; paying attention. 

We must rely on all of our senses when communicating. 

Always striving to see our audience or the party that we are speaking with at ease.

If we see our party showing signs of distress it is time for us to #constructivechange our approach.

Great value in honing in the use of your senses in communicating. Janette included humor during the interactive discussion and she educated the group on a host of body language tells and tips.

Extremely informative and powerful content. 

Thank you for the intel. Very powerful tool.

Frank Kinney, 

Finance Executive  Kinney Capital

Very Informative!

Janette was so informative and I learned a little about how to know when to go for it to close the deal and when not to and how to tell more about what a client might be thinking.

Toni Wood

Elite Bookkeeping Plus

Very Powerful! 

Janette's body language information is very powerful and in a short amount of time, I learned what to look for when

I'm communicating.  I'm grateful for the short amount of time that I learned this incredible information.

Would love to be in your body language class!

Ronni Martin, CEO & Co-Founder Team Builders, LLC

Very Detailed!

Very detailed - definitely could tell how (convicted killer Chris Watts) guilty he was once you re-watched it knowing all that you have taught us! 

Barb Duran, Send Out Cards

Queen of Tangible Touch Marketing 

Watch the BODY!

In such a small conversation so much a body can give away if only you know how to catch it.

Denrich Sananda,

Process Safety Performance and manage Risk Lifecycle Services | OT Security | Digital Transformation

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