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Janette Ghedotte

Truth & Deception Detection Expert


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Achieve CONFIDENCE in Body Language Analysis, Deception Detection, & Interpersonal Communication.

✅ Maximize CONFIDENCE, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and CAREERS with Body Language and Lie-Spotting SAVVY!

✅ What IMPORTANT information are you missing when you are not paying attention to body language?

✅ Wouldn’t it be great if you could use body language secrets to immediately increase intention and influence?

✅ Learn effective strategies to establish rapport, decode body language messages, and be even more SUCCESSFUL in your career & interpersonal relationships!


✅ By harnessing the power of Body Language and detecting deception

✅ Understand what people are SUBCONSCIOUSLY communicating through body language and verbal or written statements

✅ Enhance effective interpersonal and business communication

✅ Know what to look for in the profile traits of toxic or dangerous personality types to avoid costly

mistakes, unhealthy relationships, misery, heartache, and pain

✅ Overcome resistance or objections and get to ‘YES!’ more often!

✅ Close more business sales! Earn More $$$!

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